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We know that sleep apnea and snoring cause low oxygen levels in the body, hypoxemia. This results in the body becoming acidic. These two maladies cause the immune system to weaken and can result in illness, body breakdown, and pain.  Sleep apnea is one of the most dangerous maladies on the planet.

As we treat patients with sleep apnea and snoring we see that we are also getting results reducing the impact and even eliminating various other maladies. Here is a list of maladies that, while treating sleep apnea and snoring, we have had surprisingly good results reducing or eliminating the following symptoms:


       Migraine headaches

       Pain: all types everywhere and anywhere on the body.

       Problems will all parts of the body.

       Numerous bacterial infections

       Numerous virus infections


       Bipolar Disease

How could that be.  Let me introduce you to Dr. Otto Warburg, the Jewish physician in Hitler’s Germany, who was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1931.  He was awarded for research showing that low levels of Oxygen, hypoxemia, in the body, could cause increased cancer, infectious bacteria, virus, and acidity.

He was to be awarded a 2nd Nobel Prize for research showing that abundant oxygen in the body caused elimination or reduction of these 4 maladies.  With this fact in hand, we can see why we are getting these incredibly accessory results when treating sleep apnea and snoring. Hitler didn’t let him receive the 2nd Noble Prize.

Working with the new Full Breath Sleep Appliance is a new paradigm of treatment that brings in more oxygen to the body.  And when patients have serious apnea and maladies we can get oxygen delivered to the body and meet Dr. Warburg’s desire of abundant Oxygen. We believe we have a super answer for health maladies.

If this list above pertains to you then we suggest you check with your MD or Dentist and get a home sleep test and see if you have sleep apnea.  If you need help getting a sleep test you can reach us through our answering service and we can get one arranged in your locale. We can also answer your questions you may have.

If needed can get you the mouthpiece with or without the oxygen to help you with your apnea, snoring, and other body problems.


Dr. Bryan Keropian

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