• We stop snoring with 98% success

    We have the treatment alternative for those who can't wear the CPAP

    Our treatment reduces the potential for your body health breakdown due to poor sleep and Sleep Apnea

    Our treatment protocol has 5 FDA Certifications and 5 Patents

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    Dr. Keropian

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Success Stories

"A dentist fitted me for an appliance which was useless. I still could not get a good night’s sleep. Three months ago I visited your office and after having a sleep study you fitted me with an appliance. After five adjustments over the past three months I can now have a restful night’s sleep, and after nine years I no longer snore or suffer from sleep apnea."

- Gordon Kelly

"After 5 years of unsuccessfully using a CPAP and considering various surgical procedures I made an appointment with Dr. Keropian. I was hopeful and after 8 months of wearing the mouth device Dr. Keropian and his staff have made my sleep improve tremendously. I feel better, have more energy and am well rested.

Thank you to Dr. Keropian and his wonderful staff!"

"I saw your ad in the paper for “CPAP Intolerant” and called your office to make an appointment about my sleap apnea issues. I began treatment and saw immediate results, and over the following year we “fine tuned” the dental apparatus to the point I had minimal apnea hits and didn’t even snore anymore (for this my wife thanks you).

THANK YOU, I can truly say “it was a life saver”."



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Stop Snoring & Sleep Apnea Treatment

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snore Stop Doctor At The Center for Snoring and CPAP Intolerance we treat patients everyday that are snoring loudly and/or can't wear their CPAP, are overly tired during the day, and are worried about falling asleep at the wheel. Every case is handled uniquely to deliver a treatment that is backed by years of dedicated research in the field of sleep and sleap apnea medicine, as well as stop snoring solutions. This includes conditions like snoring and Sleep Apnea, and their causes. It is time to leave behind your worries and troubles that come because you snore or are CPAP Intolerant.

Dr. Bryan Keropian, the dentist and inventor behind the Full Breath Solution, has dedicated his life to developing a snoring solution (stop snoring solution) and sleep apnea treatment as well as an alternative CPAP solution for those intolerant to CPAP. After years of research, sleep apnea treatment and snor stop treatments are now available to you in a state of the art facility by caring staff and doctors.


Dr. Keropian has obtained 5 FDA Certifications for the Full Breath Solution as the most effective treatment on the planet for those who are CPAP intolerant. He has developed a success rate of 98% at eliminating snoring!

The Full Breath Solution is a customized treatment program that discovers exactly what is required to deliver the maximum results possible. When you come to this center you will find the very best that sleep dentistry can offer.

If snoring or CPAP intolerance is ruining your life, The Full Breath Solution from the Center for Snoring and CPAP Intolerance can make a difference.


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